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Vet Solutions Viralys for Cats

Viralys for cats

Vet Solutions Viralys is an effective medication which is also a lysine supplement that is edible and to be given to the cats for treating the problem of herpes. Every scoop of the medicine consists of two hundred milligrams of edible L-Lysine. As regards the dosage, one rounded scoop of Vet Solutions Viralys needs to be given to your cat orally two times a day on a daily basis. In case your kitten is less than six months old, give it half of the scoop twice daily. You can also sprinkle it over dry food that you will be giving to your cat, or you can mix it with the canned food as well.

Treat the Problem of Herpes in Your Feline with Vet Solutions Viralys

One of the most common problems that your sweet little cat could be facing would be the problem of herpes. It keeps the nose of your cat running all the time and leads to irritation which you can clearly see in the behavior of cats. The problem of herpes could in turn result into further and severe health problems such as conjunctivitis or ocular disease.

The disease is contagious amongst cats and most of the times they are the kittens who catch it from their mothers. Plus the felines from households where on a constant basis new cats are introduced are again the most likely sufferers of the infection. However, the virus is not contagious to humans and dogs.

Benefits of Viralys

  • Effective in the treatment of infections of herpes virus
  • Helps in controlling the minor bacterial infections
  • Helps in treating the problem of ocular disease and conjunctivitis.
  • Helps in clearing the problem of breathing experienced due to being infect by feline herpes
  • It helps in treating the infections persisting in upper respiratory system


Side Effects

No side effects have been reported.