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Vetoryl for dogs


Capsules of vetoryl for dogs are used for the treatment of Cushing’s disease, also known as hyperadrenocorticism. For using this medicine, you will require a veterinarian’s prescription. The generic name of vetoryl is Trilostane. This drug is actually a prescription medication that has been approved by FDA for treating Cushing’s disease in dogs. This drug is mainly used in cases of pituitary-based heperadrenocorticism. Another use of vetoryl is for treating Cushing’s disease, due to adrenal tumors. It is important to talk to the vet prior to giving vetoryl to your pet. Ensure that you inform the vet about any liver ailment or kidney disease, especially if your dog is suffering one of these. Whether the pet is nursing or pregnant should also be kept in mind when opting for such treatment.


Almost everywhere, vetoryl for dogs is available in capsules of diverse milligram potency. You can acquire 10 mg, 30 mg, and even 60 mg capsules in the market.

Way of giving the medication and storage

You should follow all the directions laid out by the vet for giving vetoryl for dogs. The proper way of medication is to give this medicine along with food. Make certain that you do not try to split, open up or to divide the capsules. When you are done with the medication, clean your hands. In case, you are not able to comprehend the direction of giving the medicine, you should ask the veterinarian or the pharmacist for proper explanation. When it comes to storage, this drug should be stored at a very controlled temperature. This can be amid 77° F with expeditions up to 86° F only. Take care that the medicine is out of the reach of pets and children.

Dosage of Vetoryl

As a rule, the initial dosage of vetoryl for dogs is 1.0 mg to 3.0 mg per pound of your dog’s weight, and it should be given once in a day. For dogs weighing 10 lbs to 22 lbs, you should give one capsule of 30 mg in one day. On the other hand, for dogs of 22 lbs to 44 lbs, capsules of 60 mg should be given. In this way, the weight of your dog has a very big impact on the dosage of this drug. You should make certain that you give apposite combination of the capsules. After almost a period of ten to fourteen days, take your dog for a re-examination, as sometime adjustments are required in the dosage.

Over dose or missing a dose of Vetoryl

If by mistake you give an overdose of vetoryl for dogs, then you should try to find emergency veterinary treatment. Some of the symptoms of overdose include weakness, lethargy, collapse, or vomiting. For missed dose, try to give the dose as quickly as possible when you remember it.

Benefits of Vetoryl

Within some weeks, you can notice improvement in the condition of your dog.
  • It is conveniently available in tablets of different strength.
  • It is approved for healing of Cushing’s disease.

Vetoryl Side effects

  • Allergic reactions like swelling of tongue, face, or lips or difficulty in breathing.
  • Bloody diarrhea or collapse.
  • Vomiting.