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Tramadol for dogs

tramadol for dogs

Tramadol is an opioid analgesic that is mainly used for treating severe and moderate pain. There is a very wide range of applications for which this drug is used. Normally, tramadol for dogs is utilized for treating injury-related, post-operative, and persistent pain in dogs. This drug is not only limited to treating the dogs, but it is also used for treatment of many other animals. Tramadol is accessible as ampules along with the capsules, powder, and tablets for the reconstitution. The taste of tramadol is actually unpleasant to the dogs, but this taste can be masked with the help of other tasty food.

Tramadol is among the most useful as well as trustworthy active principles accessible to the vets for treatment of dongs suffering from pain. This drug comes with dual mode action. One is mu agonism and the other is mono-anime reuptake reticence. This leads to placid anti-anxiety outcomes. The use of tramadol to treat dogs is beneficial and safe instead of using any anti-inflammatory non-steroidal substances.


This drug is accessible as 50 mg tablets and the price of these tablets can be around 40 dollars for hundred tablets. You can buy this drug by placing your order online.

Active ingredients of Tramadol and its intake:

Tramadol is actually an alkaloid and comprise of an amine group. These act like receptors in brain and are generally triggered by little proteins known as endorphins. The administration of this drug should be done as per the instruction of the vet. It is not recommended to administer large doses of tramadol for dogs, or even normal doses in short time gap. The general dosage that is prescribed by most of the vets is about 0.45 mg to 1.8 mg, as per the weight of your dog.

Why Tramadol is prescribed?

Vets recommend tramadol for dogs, for relieving pain after any surgery or pain due to condition like arthritis or cancer. Another reason why vets prescribe this drug is that, tramadol offers many positive effects and there are many reports where the owners have noticed a boost in action in their dogs after the medication.

Benefits of Tramadol

There are many good effects of tramadol for dogs and some of them include:
  • The most important effect of tramadol is the minimization of intense pain.
  • Another important benefit that tramadol offers is that there are been no cases of bleeding in intestines of stomach like other sort of pain relievers.
  • The side effects are less as compared to other pain control drugs.
  • It works straightforwardly on the pain sensation in the brain of your dogs.
  • The medication of this drug is not very heavy on your pocket. This means that you can afford a good treatment for your dog.

Side effects

There are some side effects that have been reported because of the use of tramadol. Some of these are given below.
  • If the dosage is not correct, then problems like weakness, slow heartbeat, and drowsiness can crop up.
  • Sometimes these effects can be adverse, and can lead to kidney problems as well.