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Promeris For Dogs

Promeris for dogsFleas and ticks can be harmful for your cats and dogs and for your family. Fleas can cause allergy dermatitis and ticks can transmit diseases like Lyme or canine ehrlichiosis. It is important to take necessary steps in order to avoid them. Promeris is available in two versions one is specially designed for cats and the other for dogs. This is very effective in controlling tick and flea infestations and prevents re-infestation for a long time. For maximum control of ticks and fleas, it is recommended to apply Promeris on a monthly basis.

When it comes to cats it has been seen, that a single dose of Promeris is capable of killing existing fleas and prevent future infestations. Promeris for dogs also provides waterproof protection. This is very effective on both outdoor and indoor dogs. Active ingredients like metaflumizone and amitraz. Metaflumizone is proven to give protection against fleas. Amitraz is also well known for controlling ticks, but until now, it was only used as dip or a collar. By adding these ingredients to Promeris, it is made more effective in treating ticks and fleas. You can get long weeks of flea control with this product.

Benefits of Promeris

  • It provides water proof protection
  • Promeris comes with convenient applicator, which is made of clear plastic. This helps you to confirm that the dose have been applied completely. The long tab makes it easy to grab the applicator while applying a dose.
  • Promeris can be utilized as a treatment strategy for treating flea allergy.
  • Can used for young kittens and puppies as well.
  • Different packages are available according to different dogs and cats sizes.


Sometimes it has been seen that some dogs cannot tolerate amitraz leading to lethargy, however nothing like this is mentioned on the packaging of Promeris.