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Proin for dogs

proin for dogs

At times, dogs suffer from urinary incontinence, which can crop up in females as well as male dogs. Because of urinary incontinence, you can suffer from urine scalding, skin infections and even inflammation near vulvar area. In addition to this, an unpleasant odor is produced, due to urine leakage. A medication that is effective in controlling all the symptoms of this problem is Proin. You can get liquid or tablet formulation of proin for dogs. The medication of Proin aids in tightening muscles in bladder. This helps in minimizing any seepage of urine in dogs.

Availability of proin

You can get proin for dogs in liquid formulation and tablet. These tablets are called proin 50, proin 75 and proin 25. The values are given to indicate the mg (milligram) strength of this drug. For example, Proin 50 mg means that the tablet consists of fifty milligrams of active ingredient called PPA or phenylpropanolamine. You will also need a prescription to obtain this medicine.

Proper dosage of Proin

Normally Proin is administered 2 to 3 times on a daily basis. All formulations such as Proin 50 mg, Proin 25 mg, Proin 75 mg and even Proin liquid comes with different flavors to make the drug convenient and easy for administration. Make sure that your dog takes in the complete dose. You can give one dose at the bedtime in order to avoid problem during the night.

Treatment of urinary incontinence

This drug works through controlling urethral sphincter that helps the dog to control its bladder. This drug can take a lot of time for improving the symptoms of this condition. In general, this condition can be controlled to a great extent, but it is not completely curable. If the condition of your dog is pretty bad, then you might have to continue the use of proin for dogs, over the lifetime of your dog. Your dog will be able to lead a normal and long life under the medication of proin, but you will need to take your dog for regular examination for monitoring response to the medication and for evaluating the well-being and general health of your dog.

Caution for using Proin

Prior to the selection of proin for dogs as a treatment for controlling urinary inconsistence, you should take notice of other conditions as well. In case, your dog is suffering from bladder or kidney infections, then you should use alternative methods. Do not use proin together with ephedrine like preventic collar or selegilene. Other drugs like aspirin, digoxin, NSAIDs, and few others can decrease the efficacy of this drug. If the dog is already suffering from problems such as diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure, or glaucoma, then it is better to go for alternative ways of treating the problem.

Benefits of Proin

  • It is beneficial for long-term relief from urinary incontinence.
  • It is easily available at an affordable price.
  • It is pretty simple to administer the dosage.

Side effects related to Proin

  • A few side effects of proin for dogs include rise in the level of blood pressure, restlessness, and rapid heart rate.
  • You can also notice some changes in the appetite of your dog.
  • Aggressive behavior or Irritability.

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