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Plaqueoff Animals

Plaqueoff Animals

Plaqueoff Animals is available in granulated form that can be easily sprinkled on the food on a daily basis. It is extremely rich in natural iodine and consists of necessary minerals and vitamins that will help in maintaining a good oral health of your pet. It is completely free from gluten, sugar, preservatives and artificial colors. It is perfect to be given to household dogs and is available in different variations of amount. However, the medication should not be given to pregnant or lactating pets. Consider using Plaqueoff Animals to maintain complete oral hygiene of your pet. It is an absolutely natural product that is best-suited for the oral hygiene of both dogs and cats. It is made from a special type of a seaweed that has found to have some special kinds of dental and oral advantages that are extremely effective in maintaining a good oral health of your pet.



Maintain Maximum Oral Hygiene of Your Pets with PlaqueOff Animals

Just as you take maximum care of your complete oral hygiene, your pets also need the same kind of care. Just like humans, the plaque gets easily formed up in the mouth of your pets and can easily accumulate on the gums, teeth and tongue that result in bad breath, tooth decay, bleeding gums and tartar. Hence, if left untreated, it can lead to constant pain and can cause unnecessary and premature loss of tooth in your pet. For this, you need to make sure that you regularly maintain the oral hygiene of your pet, so that it does not face any discomfort and enjoys a healthy, happy and a long life.

Benefits of Plaqueoff Animals

  • It does not have any side-effects
  • The high amount of vitamins and minerals and natural iodine in it helps in maintenance of complete oral health of your pet
  • Helps in removing plaque from your pet’s teeth
  • Helps in the reduction of tartar
  • Helps fight tooth decay.


Plaqueoff Instructional Video

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Side Effects

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