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Eye Care for Dogs and Cats

Eye care guide for dogs and cats

Too often in the lifespan of a pet, the average pet owner will wait until it is too late to do anything about certain problems. They chalk it up as "the effects of aging" and then watch, with good intentions, while their pets' health and quality of life deteriorates. One such area where this occurs is in the realm of eye care for pets. You do not often think that there are options for taking care of your pet's eyes, but there are. It starts with developing a better understanding of the types of conditions that can affect his eyesight over time. If you notice any one of the following, then you should speak with your veterinarian about the treatment options that are available.

Red Eyes

dog red eyesThink about what causes you to have red eyes. Specific allergens like pollen and different types of grass may set you to sneezing, and pretty soon, you have an eyeball filled with unsightly red veins. In much the same manner, your pet is subject to these inflammations, and for many of the same reasons. Keeping the parts of his eye well nurtured and moist can prevent the condition from worsening. Other potential causes of red eye include exposure to fungi, bacteria, or viruses. In these cases, treating the problem itself may be all that is necessary for getting your pet's eyes back to normal.

Cherry Eyes

dog cherry eyesNictitans gland prolapse is more commonly known as cherry eyes, and it occurs when the tear duct becomes swollen or inflamed. This particular condition is more common with dogs than it is with cats. When this tear duct, which is normally invisible, becomes affected by prolapse, it can affect the vision quality of your animal and lead to additional infections. Staying on top of this may protect your animal's long term sight.

Dry Eyes

dog dry eyesJust like people, dogs and cats must produce tears in order to keep the eyes moist and protected. This cuts down on itching and inflammation, which can both damage the eye if left unchecked. It is important to keep your dog or cat's eyes moistened if you notice that he may be suffering from this problem, which occurs due to decreased tear production. Eyedrops specifically formulated for the animal are recommended.

Ocular Discharge

Ocula eye dischargeEye disease is something that you want your pet to avoid at all costs, and so it is especially important that you act immediately when you see circumstances such as ocular discharge occur. This is when a watery, mucus-y, or bloody discharge is emitted from the eyes. Severity of the disease is directly correlated to the amount of the discharge.



Keeping a watchful eye on your pet's eyes can help him enjoy many more quality years of sight.

Tear Stain Remover

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