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Omega-Caps ES

Omega-Caps ES

Omega-Cap ES consists of a concentrated antioxidant supplement and fatty acids that would nourish your dog’s body from the very inside. Omega Caps dogs who are under sixty lbs a dosage of one capsule needs to be given every second day. For dogs that are between sixty to eighty lbs, should be given one capsule every day whereas the dogs that are of eight lbs or more should be given two capsules everyday. It is particularly formulated using a comprehensive combination of important antioxidants, fatty acids, chelated minerals and vitamins. It helps in maintaining a healthy fur coat and skin of your dog. Plus it supports the joints of your dog to make them flexible and strong.



Maintain a Good Health of Your Dog with Omega-Caps ES

Just as you do not compromise to the slightest to maintain good health, your dog being a pet of yours reserves the same right as well. Being an important member of your family, just like your kids, you have to make sure that your dog does not suffer a bit when it comes to its health and well-being. Hence, if you have not yet brought a pet at home and if you are not very sure of maintaining the health of your dog, do not even consider bringing a pet home, especially a dog. Hence, the importance of maintaining a good health of your dog cannot be denied when you want that it should lead a happy and a long life. You need to give it a good nutrition and a balanced diet with good amounts of water. Hence, your dog deserves to have something which is simply the best. And this best is Omega Caps ES.

Benefits of Omega-Caps ES

  • Helps in making the joints of your dog flexible and strong
  • Helps in maintaining a healthy coat and skin
  • Is rich in vitamin a, d and e.


Side Effects

No side effects have been reported.