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Mometamax Otic for Dogs


Mometamax is used for treating bacterial infections and inflammation of ear mostly in dogs. This one is a combination drug, which consists of broad-range antibiotic, an antifungal element, and also a strong corticosteroid. Antibiotics are those drugs, which are potent enough of killing or stopping the development of any kind of bacteria. This type of medication is normally utilized for slowing down the expansion of yeast and fungi, and to kill them as well. This drug can be mixed with corticosteroids, which are utilized for treating inflammation. Other active ingredients of this drug include Clotrimazole, Mometasone and Gentamicin.


This drug is obtainable in the form of Otic suspension. These are eardrops or ointment, which come in different quantities such as a bottle of 7.5 mg or 15 mg bottle or 30 mg bottle. These ear drops are also called bacterial otitis externa. You can also lay your hands on topical preparations, which are accessible either as combinations or as one single medication.

How does Mometamax work?

The main work of mometamax if to treat infections and inflammation of ear with the help of its three main ingredients mentioned above. Out of these main ingredients, Gentamicin is a wide-range antibiotic that is capable of killing bacteria. Another of the ingredient called Mometasone is a sturdy corticosteroid, which is effective in relieving soreness. All the three ingredients work together for curing ear infections in dogs.

Guidelines for using this drug

You should follow all the instructions of treatment very cautiously, as if you go wrong at any point, then it can lead to recurrence of the damage or infection to the ears. There are a few more points that have to be considered prior to applying mometamax. Make sure, that external ear is dry and clean before you use the drug. If there is excessive hair, then it should be trimmed away from the area of treatment. Apply only that much amount of the topical ointment, which is prescribed by the veterinarian and then rub the ear gently for spreading the medicine evenly over the affected area. Be sure to give the dosage as it is prescribed by the veterinarian.

Expected results

This drug will aid in relieving the symptoms of ear infection and also kills the organism that causes such infection. According to the label, this medication should not be used further than seven days as it can delay the process of healing. If after the end of medication, the symptoms keep on appearing, then you should contact the veterinarian.

Mometamax Benefits

  • Pretty effective in treatment of ear infections in canines and it is a prescribed combination medication.
  • You can utilize mometamax for treating bacterial disease or irritation of ear.
  • You get a dropper bottle that comes with long tips, making it trouble-free to administer.

Mometamax Side Effects

Side effects are normally related to individual ingredients of mometamax.
  • If Gentamicin is applied topically over a long period, then it can lead to irreversible or reversible kidney or ear toxicity.
  • After the use of oral or injected corticosteroids, side effects like appetite loss, weight loss plus general irritation can be experienced.
  • Other effects include blistering, fluid retention, peeling, itching, hives etc.