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Lax aire for Cats and Dogs

Lax aire

Pets and more importantly dogs and cats are one of those prized possessions for some of us that we simply cannot afford to see anything wrong happening to them. For some they are more than an asset and form to be an important family member just like they have any other member of family like kids in their houses. Hence, these people, to ensure that their dogs are in a good shape, would even run from pillar to post. They would not take slightest of the chance to risk the health of their dogs. And for such meticulous dog-keepers the elegant company of P-fizer has come up with a great medical solution known as Lax aire for dogs so that the dog owners can keep their dogs fit and fine by keeping their digestive system fit and fine

Lax aire for Dogs

The Lax'aire for dogs is an intestinal lubricant and soft oral laxative with important fatty acids, iron and vitamins that, helps check the different digestive system issues of your dog, thus keeping your dog healthy. It has a high taste appeal and the use of cod liver oil makes the taste of the medication even yummier. The dogs need to be given half to two inches of the ribbon twice or thrice a week. It needs to be stored inside a container and at normal room temperatures. Make sure you keep this medication out of the reach of your kids. To stimulate the taste interest in your dog, place it on its nose.

Lax aire for Dogs and Cats

  • Helps fights constipation in your dog
  • Can be used without any prior consultation from your pet
  • No side-effects
  • Has got essential nutrients to keep your dog in its best health
  • Reduces the effect of hairballs
  • Helps the dogs easily go through their digestive system


Side Effects

No side effects have been reported.