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Joint Max Triple Strength

Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews

Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews are made of strong powered MSM Creatine, Glucosamitine,Antioxidant, Chondroitin, Mineral and Vitamin supplement included with DHA and EPA for enhanced joint and skin health. The effective addition of Chondroitin helps in making the arthritic joints stronger. Plus, the powerful antioxidant of Glutathione aids in combating the compounds that are harmful and destroy the cartilage of your dog. The dosage of the chews needs to be given as per the size and the weight of your dog. Hence, if your dog is of 15 lbs half of the chew needs to be given to it.

Ensure Maximum Joint Support for Your Pet with Joint MAX TRIPLE Strength

In case it is of fifteen to thirty lbs, one chew needs to be given on a daily basis. If it is between thirty to sixty lbs 2 chews need to be given daily. For a dog weighing in between 60-100 lbs, four chews need to be given daily and for a dog of 100 lbs the dosage is of five chews daily. After a maximum period of six weeks, the owner of the pet can reduce the dosage in case he or she notices positive results. Due to the fact that the body of every dog is different, hence the period of the results to come up could vary considerably. Joint Max Triple Strength Soft Chews can also be given on a long term basis, to the normal dogs to maintain the health of their joints.


Benefits of Joint Max Triple Strength

  • Helps in promotion of blood circulation inside the dog’ s body
  • It consists of Vitamin E that works in the form of antioxidant helps in providing protection from the effects of cholesterol
  • It has grape seeds extracts inside it that works as an antioxidant that helps in recycling the oxidized vitamin c. Plus, it reduces the amount of histamine production that bring in inflammatory responses and allergies.


Side Effects

No side effects have been reported.