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Greenies Dog Treats

GreeniesGreenies dog treats are low calorie and flavored treat meant for dogs which help treat their dental problems. It is well known for maintaining clean teeth and fresh breath in the dogs. It contains number of vitamins, minerals and various naturally sourced antioxidants. Greenies cleans the teeth up to the gum line. Greenie is easily digestible and because of its flavored taste, is loved by dogs. Greenies are only to be given to dogs over 6 months of age. Make it sure your pet chews them and not swallows the tablet as it can be fatal for the dogs.



Benefits of Greenies Dog Treats

  • Helps your pet get rid of bad breath
  • Controls plaque and tartar
  • Easily administered and digested
  • Convenient method of cleaning a dog’s teeth


Side Effects

  • Greenish color stools
  • Diarrhea