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Comparison between Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix

Before comparing let’s know what these two things actually are. K9 Advantix is flea treatment of dogs. You can’t use it for cats. So if you have a cat, just continue with Frontline Plus because it’s certainly the finest product to control ticks and fleas for our slinky pets.

Though, dog owners have another choice. K9 Advantix does well, just like Frontline Plus and is available for much lesser price. We need to compare these flea medicines to know which flea meds is better.

  • Fleas: Both the products, Frontline Plus and K9 Advantix kill fleas and continue to do that for as minimum a month. Frontline Plus generally continues on killing latest fleas which gather the dog much longer, just about up to 2 months. This time period for flea control differs depending on activity levels and number of fleas in your area. Generally the longest time-span is for the duration of the winter months.
  • Ticks: Both these products demolish ticks but only the Dog Advantix resists them.
  • Biting Lice: Both these products also wipe out chewing lice.
  • Biting Flies: Here only Dog Advantix resists biting flies.
  • Mosquitoes: Here the story is different. Only K9 Advantix resists and kills mosquitoes.

So you can see that both these products cope with the main problem of ticks and fleas but K9 Advantix also resists mosquitoes and biting flies. At the same time as many pets just don’t require the insects dealt with.

So if we compare Frontline Plus with K9 Advantix, it mainly depends on the type of pests you deal with. If the dog is troubled and forced by biting mosquitoes and flies, it makes logic trying Dog Advantix. But if the insects are non problematical, the frontline plus for dogs gives general savings as you often don’t need using it so regularly. In addition, although both these products must meet up strict safety regulations, Frontline wins in the end because it has a single active element contrasted for both of them. One thing is needed to be remembered that the lesser the active ingredients, the lesser possibilities of some allergic reaction to be.