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Frontline Plus fleas and ticks protection

Frontline Plus is a popular pet medicine, which is widely used for preventing flea and ticks on both cats and dogs. Frontline Plus for dogs and cats, is quite effective against all the stages of dog ticks, lone star ticks, brown ticks and deer ticks. Its two active ingredients are S methoprene and Fipronil.

S methoprene is an effective insect growth controller and thus kills flea eggs and larvae. Frontline Plus regulates the expansion of the insects. That is, the pet medicine fools the insect by making him believe that it is still not time to grow into an adult insect. S Methoprene never allows the ticks and fleas to grow into adult insects which cause trouble for the pets.

The other active ingredient is Fipronil, a pesticide which kills various types of insects by interrupting their nervous system. It even kills the adult insects effectively. The passage of chloride ions is blocked through the insects’ nerve transmission system The drug is a monthly drug and is quite easy to administer. Its application is also quite easy as all you need to do is place the contents of the squeeze tube between its shoulder blades and under the fur so that the contents reaches the skin of the pets. The drug settles down easily in the sebaceous glands and follicles.

Frontline Plus for cats and dogs, starts showing results in less than 24 hours of its application. The best thing is that it is water proof. There are not many side effects reported of this pet drug. Though, at times itching has been reported on the place of application.

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