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Four Paws Magic Coat Tearless Shampoo

four paws magic coat

It is not just sufficient that one has a pet, be it a cat or a dog. The pet has to be healthy and has to remain properly groomed. Grooming includes having a wash regularly, dusting its coat with tick repellents wither during the wash or after it – either as a shampoo or as a powder in order to get rid of the fleas and ticks from their skin. Furthermore the coats of the dogs must b e brushed neatly until they shine like new exactly the way their coats shone when they were young puppies of kittens. Four paws magic coat is a shampoo based solution.

The availability of the product

This product is available in 16 fluid ounces bottles and can be obtained as single pieces or one can specify the number of bottles one requires when ordering them on the internet. Not only is this product available from Four Paws, but the company also has products like tangle removing rinse with aloe vera, shampoo powder for cats and dogs, shampoo powder for small animals, shampoo and conditioner together, protection shampoo for dogs, tearless shampoo, shampoo for white coats, 8 in 1 black and white pearl shampoos and conditioners, tick and flea repellents, etc.

Administration method

The dog or cat is to be thoroughly washed at first with clean water. The four paws magic coat for pets cats and dogs. They are gentle on the human skin too. However the use of rubber latex gloves is advised. The shampoo is poured into the cupped palm and along with a little amount of water; it is slowly worked all over the body of the pet, cleansing it thoroughly. A clean pet is a happy pet and therefore this product serves to clean up the coat of many a mangy dog to leave it soft and shining.


Dogs and cats can be bathed once a week to keep them clean. Unless they are very dirty, like when the dog rolls on the ground and demands that he get dirty, the weekly ritual is enough to keep the animal clean.

Benefits of using the product

This is harmless to the dog or cat and therefore has no side effects. It leaves behind a very silky smooth coat which is tangle free and soft to the touch. The product reduces hair shedding too.

Side effects of four paws magic coat There are no adverse side effects from using this product for one’s pet, as this is a highly useful product and it keeps its word in saying what it will do. If one allows the product to come in contact with one’s eyes or mouth when the dog is shaking itself is to rinse with plenty of warm water to rinse away the chemicals in it.