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FleaVac Flea Control


Ticks are one of the major problems found on the bodies of cats and dogs. The presence no on the grass or on the pavement or rubbing itself against some sharp corner, the dog does not know Kill Pellets come in handy in doing away with the pests. Ticks must not be allowed to remain on the body of the animal as it sucks the blood and nutrients from the dog directly from its blood and quickly begin to multiply on the host leading to other problems. If not treated properly, the situation tends to get out of hand and there are ticks all over the living space.

Availability of the product

These FleaVac Kill Pellets are available in packs of twos or packs of six and available vacuum unit which helps dealing with the eggs, larvae, and the adult form of fleas inside the house and on the animal.

Ingredients of the product

Flea Kill Pellets: Active - Geraniol 0.8%, Mint Oil - 0.8%, Cedar Oil - 0.3%, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - 0.15%.Inert - Bentonite, Water - 97.95%. This product has not been registered by the U.S. EPA. FleaVac LLC represents that this product qualifies for exemption from

The pellets do not contain any tough chemicals or insect repellent. They are an eco-friendly, bio-degradable and safe product that is made up of all innate ingredients together with natural clay, geranial, cedar wood oil, mint oil, along with custom made blend of other natural ingredients specialized only by the FleaVac company. The natural ingredients are the best weapon against the pests.

Benefits of using the product

As this product is eco friendly, one need not worry about the pollution caused by its application inside the house. As far as the product was tested, it does not contain toxic substances which make it a perfect product to be used when there are children in the house. Children tend to be more susceptible to toxic substances and this product being totally natural offers a solution to this challenge in quite a simple way.

Dosage and usage instructions

This is very simple and a very safe method to use too. Open the pellet from the box, with a vacuum cleaner, suction the contents into the cleaner and then vacuum the house to get rid of the pests especially from the pet’s bedding pallet. This cleans up the area very effectively. One pellet puck can be used at a time and needs to be replaced only when one changes