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Program Flea Treatment

program flea

Program flea treatment is quite effective and helps in controlling the flea population as it prevents the flea egg development. The active ingredient Lufenuron inhibits the life cycle of the fleas putting an end to their growth. Program flea needs to be given with the full meal for its effective working. The tablets are available in beef flavored which makes it likeable by both cats and dogs. The drug is not very effective in killing in the adult fleas. To kill the adult fleas, separate drug named Capstar is a must. The tablets are to be taken once a month. It is safe to be given to both cats and dogs of four weeks or above age.

Program Flea Benefits

  • Effectively breaks the fleas life cycle
  • Available in beef flavored tablets
  • Easy and safe to use

Program Flea Side Effects

  • Depression
  • Appetite loss
  • Vomiting
  • Tingling