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Frontline Flea Spray (250 mL)

frontline flea spray

Frontline Flea Spray is well known for providing effective and long lasting relief of ticks and fleas on both cats and dogs. It works fast and within 24 hours it kills 99% off fleas. The effect of the frontline spray last for almost one month. It treats severe tick infections, flea infections and FAD (Flea Allergy Dermatitis). Frontline Spray can be safely given to adult dogs or puppies up to 8 weeks or older..

The active ingredient in frontline spray is fipronil, a popular insecticide. This ingredient disrupts the central nervous system of the insect and gives results.

Frontline Spray: Amazing Products for Anti-Flea and Tick Treatments

If you are displeased with the results of regular anti-flea and tick treatments, you should try the amazing products offered by Merial. This brand is meant for both cats and dogs, and guarantees to exterminate the common parasites living within your pets’ fur. The Frontline flea and tick spray has been designed for the purpose of cleaning your pets’ coats in a short amount of time, and keeping this effect last for a whole month. With the Frontline spray, cats and dogs are completely relieved of flea infestation in a matter of 24 hours, while ticks are gone within 48 hours. The only thing that the owner must take care of during this time is keeping his pets out of wet environments in order for the Frontline products to take effect.

No other competitor has a product working as fast as the Frontline spray. For this reason, vets from the entire North America are considering this product as the number one treatment against common parasites. No matter how active your pets are, you can count on the Frontline Spray and its powerful action since the product is waterproof and the results will last for four whole weeks.

If you’re the proud owner of adorable kittens and puppies, rest assured for Frontline’s chemical formula is gentle enough to be applied even for baby pets of only two months old, as well as their nursing mothers.

If you’re interested in this product to use on your dog’s coat, look for Frontline spray 500 ml, or purchase it in lesser quantities of 100 and 250 ml. It is also available in various colors according to the weight and size of your dog. Choose between blue, orange, red and purple for dogs, while green is designed for cats. The Frontline spray 500 ml is destined for multiple uses, but you can order smaller bottles in case you want to see for yourself the effects of using Frontline.

The Frontline flea and tick spray it’s easy to use by simply applying a dot of liquid onto your pet’s coat, preferably at the back of the neck. Its effects will reach the entire coat of your dog or cat through a process of dispersion called translocation. One the treatment has been covered every area of your pet’s fur, it will remain active for a month, during which it should be unnecessary to use the product again.

Versions of Frontline Flea

Frontline flea medication is available in two additional versions. Besides the Frontline flea spray, which is the most recent addition to the Frontline category, pet owners can also try a spray that quickly eliminates severe parasite infestations, and also a product called Top Spot, which works the same as the spray, but it is rather designed for use every now and then in routine controls.

Don’t be concerned in case you suddenly spot fleas which are hyper-agitating in larger numbers on your dog’s coat. This is because the fleas are pushed towards the surface of the fur as a result of the Frontline spray. After 18 hours during which the actual extermination takes place, you will barely see any fleas left within the animal’s fur.

Another product which is in direct competition with the Frontline family of products is made by Bayer, and it’s called Advantage. It works just as well as Frontline, with minor differences which some pet owners do not take into account. In case you need something to treat heartworms and other parasites such as the sarcoptic mange or the ear mites, you should look for Revolution Flea control which not only will get your pet rid off fleas and ticks, but also more dangerous parasites.

For common parasites, Frontline sprays are the easiest way to eliminate them out of your dogs or cat’s fur. Its side effects are negligible, and you will have no worries storing your favorite Frontline product as they have no expiration date.

Frontline Spray Benefits

  • Repels the ticks, mosquito and fleas.
  • Provides instant relief to the pet
  • Kills the larvae of the fleas in less than 20 minutes of its application
  • Reduces the chances of tick borne diseases and Lyme disease
  • Quite easy to use and administer

Frontline Spray Side Effects

  • Itching
  • Burning sensation
  • Numbness of the skin
  • Tingling