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Capstar for Dogs


Capstar is well known for killing fleas of cats and dogs. It is quite effective and its results can be seen within few hours of its application. It is reported that almost 90% adult fleas gets killed on dogs in less than 4 hours and on cats the same results can be achieved within 6 hours. The drug is available in tablet form and is quite easy to administer. The drug is safe to use on cats and dogs of ages 4 weeks and above. The body weight must be 2 pounds or more.

The active ingredient nitenpyram is a popular and effective insecticide which kills all the adult fleas in no time as the drug interferes with the nerve transmission of the fleas.

Capstar Flea Benefits

  • Starts working in less than 30 minutes
  • It is unflavored tablet thus, quite easy to be given to the pet
  • It is even safe for the pregnant or nursing pets
  • Gives best result with the Program tablets

Capstar Side Effects

  • Scratching as a result of application of the drug