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Advantage II for dogs

advantage ii for dogs

Advantage II Topical Flea Treatment for Dogs

Advantage II kills fleas, larvae, flea eggs and liceFleas are a pest and an eternally repetitive threat to dogs. There is no one stop solution for fleas. Continuous maintenance is the cure for a flea –free dog and that is the aim of every dog owner. Fleas tend to have a very short lifecycle and unless all the phases of its development are addressed at the same time, the larvae tend to remain on the skin which makes riddance of fleas a problem. The same is true with ticks also. Ticks cause a nuisance by clinging on to the dog and sucking the life blood from the dog. Unable to bear the itch, all that the dog can do is roll on the floor in a vain effort to do away with the fleas and ticks on its back. In order to address this problem we now have a good solution which is Advantage II for Dogs.

Ingredients and composition

Imidacloprid; 1-[6-Chloro-3-pyrindinyl) methyl]-N-nitro-2-imidazolidinimine 9.1%, Pyriproxyfen IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) 0.46%, other ingredients 90.44%. Advantage II for Dogs brings into play the compound pyriproxyfen to exterminate fleas and other insects by interfering with their development cycle. Other flea killing properties like adulticidal, larvicidal, and ovicidal kill fleas and put a stop to them from rising up again. Imidacloprid paralyzes fleas so they are killed before biting the dog and also reduces the prevalence of flea-related allergies.

Method of Administration Advantage II for Dogs

  • The dog must be made to stand quietly and must not move about.
  • The hair between the shoulder blades must be pressed flat and gently parted in order to expose the skin.
  • The paste is first applied between the shoulder blades.
  • The paste must be applied in four to six places all along the dog’s back.
  • The dog’s natural way of shaking its body allows the paste to spread evenly around the applied areas and prevents the fleas and ticks from flourishing on its back.
  • Empty the entire contents of the tube.
  • Dispose of the tube on finishing it.
  • Wash hands thoroughly with soap.

Dos and Don’ts

Care must be taken that Advantage II for Dogs is not accidentally placed on either the eyes or the mouth of the dogs. The hair is parted between the shoulder blades and the paste is applied evenly in six places all along the back of the dog. The paste spreads evenly when the dog shakes itself once it feels the ticks running around on its skin.

Treatment must not be repeated within seven days and once tick and flea control has been achieved, the monthly treatment method can be begun to be followed. This is sufficient to keep the dog flea free. This product must not be used on cats.

The used tube must be disposed off safely. It must be kept away from the reach of children as the chemicals in it are toxic to humans. Accidental contact with the eyes requires immediate washing with warm water until irritation stops.