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Advantage II for Cats

advantage ii for cats

Advantage II Topical Flea Treatment for Cats

Advantage II kills fleas, larvae, flea eggs and liceFleas are a common problem to both dogs and cats. With their short life cycle, fleas can remain dormant for a while on the ground and then surface again when conditions are favourable. They climb onto the animal and make its peaceful existence very difficult. This being the case, one requires medicine to treat fleas and ticks on cats as well. Cats are generally clean animals and do not tolerate dirt. Neither are they found of water and baths in general. However, a flea problem is something that they cannot handle without assistance and therefore medication is required to handle this problem. Advantage II for cats is exclusively developed to prevent fleas on cats.

The advantages of Advantage II for Cats
  • It treats all forms of fleas – eggs, larvae and the fully grown adult flea.
  • Includes imidacloprid, an adulticide, and pyriproxyfen which is an insect growth regulator
  • Kills all cat fleas within 12 hours after application
  • It has a waterproof formula that stays effective even after bathing and swimming
  • Not messy to apply
  • Once a month application is enough to curtail the appearance of fleas on the cat.

Administration and Dosage

The hair on the cats back must be parted at the base of the skull. The contents of the tube must all be applied here. The self spreading nature of the medicine allows it to move all over the body of the cat. After application the cat is likely to salivate as it licks the medicine. This is the reason why the medicine is to be applied at the base of its skull, as this is the only spot relatively inaccessible to the cat. After a while the fleas drop dead and the cat can be given a wash. The water proof nature allows the medicine to remain on the cat therefore the effect is prolonged.

The medication must be applied once a month after the fleas has been done away with. As with the dogs, before the fleas are eliminated, application of the medicine must not be repeated within seven days. The age of the cat must also be greater than 7 weeks in order for the medication to be effective and for the cat to have the necessary stamina. Until then other physical methods of getting rid of fleas are advised. This is the best way to get rid of the fleas in the cat.

Ingredients and composition

Similar to the ingredients for all flea medications, the Advantage II for Cats also contains Imidacloprid; 1-[6-Chloro-3-pyrindinyl) methyl]-N-nitro-2-imidazolidinimine 9.1%,Pyriproxyfen IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) 0.46%, other ingredients 90.44%. This medicine now has pyriproxyfen, the added insect growth regulator. It slows down maturity of flea eggs and larvae. Advantage II for Cats ruptures the flea life cycle for effectual management and deterrence of flea infestations. It improves the flea control treatment in new uncharted ways. Advantage II kills adult fleas with the insecticide imidacloprid and kills eggs and larvae with the insect growth regulator (IGR) pyriproxyfen.