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Feliway and DAP

discount feliwayFeliway is a new break-through product which works on a cat's sense of smell. With feliway for cats, millions of cats now use their own litter boxes which made there owners happy. We offer discount feliway for cats, which is pheromone-based diffuser, it is also odorless, non toxic and does not affect children's or adults.

Buy feliway and DAP today! It has proven results in controlling urine spraying, it gets cats to use their own litter boxes, help cats become more calm, reduces cat anxiety, stree, anger and fear. Also available: feliway diffusers and feliway diffusers refills.



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Feliway (75mL) Spray

Feliway (450mL) Spray

Feliway Electric Diffuser

Feliway Diffuser REFILL

feliway spray

feliway spray 6 pack feliway electric diffuser feliway diffuser refill

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Regular price: ($35.50)
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Regular price: ($19.50)
Sale price: $13.90

6 Pack Feliway Refill

3 Pack Feliway Diffuser Refill

3 PACK Feliway Electric Diffuser

feliway refills 6 pack

feliway refills 3 pack feliway electric diffuser 3 pack

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