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Feliway Spray for Cats

Feliway Spray

One of the most daunting behavioral problems that have been seen in the cats is that they seem to be urinating almost anywhere in the house and fail to use their litter box. Hence, if you are sick of this problem, consider using Feliway Spray. Just spray some of Feliway in some of the areas of your home where your cat urinates the most and you will see your cat getting discouraged from doing so. Feliway Spray is an effective pheromone spray that duplicates the odor the natural scent glands of a cat. Hence, once you spray feliway at some specific place, the cats would not urinate at the effected area. Plus, it prevents your cat from clawing and scratching your furniture that you have inside your house.

Curb Your Cat’s Urinating Habit with Feliway Spray

Generally, what happens is the cats due to their hormonal and behavioral problems, can start urinating at different areas and on different objects. Feliway, on the other hand, consists of pheromone-like elements that discourage such a behavior in cats when it is sprayed at a particular area where the cat has urinated. It is actually an artificial copy of facial pheromone of the feline that creates security and familiarity in the surroundings of the cat. As regards the usage, the spray should be sprayed at a distance of four inches from the area where the cat has urinated and eight inches away from the ground. Only one spray is needed for a specific application site. Hence, Feliway can be of great help in comforting your cat and reassuring your cat that it is in a safe environment.

Benefits of Feliway Spray

  • Helps in curbing the urinating attitude of your cat
  • Reassures the cat that it is in a safe environment
  • Prevents the cat from scratching the furniture and other objects in your home.


Side Effects

No side effects have been reported.