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Feliway Electric Diffuser

Feliway Electric Diffuser

When any kind of change is made in the surroundings of the cat, it may become a bit scared or it may show some unusual kind of behavior. Such an attitude in cats can be conveyed by a lot of actions such as vertical scratching, urine marking, refusal to play or respond and loss of appetite. In such circumstances you can restore the natural balance of your cat using a Feliway Electric Diffuser.


Feliway Diffuser

This equipment impersonates the facial pheromones of the cat that bring about calmness in the cat and helps it to develop a healthy attitude. For the reductions in scratching done by the cat and urine marking, use the Feliway Electric Diffuser in that room that your cat uses the most. Use another diffuser in the other rooms in case they have been marked by the cat. Make sure you do not place the diffuser at the back of the furniture.

To have best results, make sure that you plug in the diffuser one day before getting the cat acclimated to your space. Ensure that you use the diffuser on a continuous basis and you replace the vial at different intervals of time.

Benefits of Feliway Electric Diffuser

  • The diffuser is absolutely safe even if you have kids in your home
  • It makes considerable amount of improvements in the cat’s attitude
  • Helps to keep your cat calm and gay
  • It prevents your cat from urinating where it is not supposed to
  • It helps in restoring the activeness in your cat which was lost due to the changes that were made in its surrounding
  • It helps in getting perpetual cycle of cat facial pheromones.
  • Helps in bringing happiness for your stressed out cat, thus making it healthier.
  • Helps in relaxing your cat while it is traveling as well.


Side Effects

No side effects have been reported.