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Feliway Diffuser Refill

Feliway Diffuser Refill

Feliway works wonders with cats. Feliway diffuser helps to stop pets that fight constantly and make a mess at your home. Even when you introduce cats to a new home, these diffusers are very much useful. The feliway diffuser is like scent equipment and you can plug it into a wall easily.

A diffuser will release Feliway pheromone repeatedly to keep cats calm. Feliway has a calming effect on cats and helps in relieving the cats that are stressed out. This diffuser helps to make your household more manageable by preventing out of place urination especially by cats. You might have got a feliway diffuser but to make it fully functional you will need a Feliway Diffuser REFILL. In a refill package, the essential oils are packed in liquid form.


Feliway Diffuser Refill

Once you screw the Feliway Diffuser Refill into the diffuser, the plate in the diffuser heats up and spread the spray across the room. Each refill can cover up an area of about 650 square feet. Make sure that these are not positioned behind curtains; this will prevent the evaporated spray to circulate in the room. The refills are easily available with feliway diffuser but if you want, you can buy them separately as well.

Benefits of Feliway Diffuser REFILL

  • These diffuse refills can be used easily and safely and are very beneficial for the good health of your pets.
  • These refills work for a good period of around four to six weeks.
  • Helps top keep your cats stress-free and relaxed.
  • It gives a continuous protection with facial pheromones, which circulates continuously through your room and other places that are cat- friendly.
  • You can easily buy a pack of six diffuser refills.


Side Effects

Feliway diffuser just spreads a scent and the worst that can happen is that, it will not be effective.