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Understanding Feliway and DAP

Taking care of pets is not an easy task and you have to work hard towards it. When you get a new pet the pet has to adjust to the new home and surroundings and many times it takes time for the animals to do so. Dogs and cats are very sensitive beings and have to be taken care of with lot of due attention given to every detail regarding their care.

Cats take a long time adjust to new surroundings and fret a lot for their old surrounding. If you are facing such a problem, then you can use feliway. What is exactly a feliway - it is a feline facial pheromone and is used by the cats to mark their territory where they are staying. The familiarity of the pheromones makes them familiar with that place. For example, if a cat comes to you and rubs his check against a part of your body, it is marking its environment with facial pheromones. It is an indication that they are feeling safe in this environment Cats use this pheromone to mark objects in their environment.

This is used to by the cats to mark urines, marking vertical surfaces, or there are a lot of cats in that house or there is been some type pf disruption in the homes, or any major upheaval which disturbs them. You can use feliway diffusers that are plugged into an electric outlet. It is also available in form of spray. This product helps to comfort and reassure the cat when the cats are faced with a challenging condition and feel threatened.

It also prevents the cats from urinating in places where they should not. This product duplicates the smell of natural scent of the glands and due to this the cat would not soil anything where feliway has been sprayed. You can also buy a feliway spray. Feliway Spray is an effective pheromone spray that duplicates the odor the natural scent glands of a cat.

DAP or (Dog appeasing pheromone) is an artificial pheromone which reproduces the chemicals released by a lactating dog. It provides comfort to the new born puppies and reassures them. It is an effect of calming adult dogs as well in conditions like the canine parting concern, destructive behavior, problems of making loud vocal sound like crying, howling, whining, barking, etc. or house soiling, fears, excessive licking. At the time when dogs are disturbed due to certain changes in their surroundings or change in the atmosphere like having many visitors or any unusual conditions Dap can be used so that the dogs feel calm and contended and are not disturbed. Even if a new puppy is to be introduced in the house the old dogs feel disturbed, so DAP is used at such times as well. Dap is also found in diffuser form and can be plugged to an electric outlet so that it is in the air all the time. Many times Dap is marketed in the form of a collar which releases the pheromone continuously in the air. It is also available in form of spray.

These new products make the adjustment of the pets like cats and dogs easy. It makes them easier to manage them and more comfortable to have them nearby.