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Epakitin for Dogs and Cats

epakitin dogsEpakitin is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats. Epakitin for dogs and cats effectively and efficiently supports the kidney function. It also slows down the progression rate of the chronic kidney diseases by limiting the excess of phosphorous as it absorbs extra phosphorus from their intestines. Epakitin binds the phosphorous within the intestines leading to reduced absorption and thus reduces the risk of kidney damage.

Epakitin for dogs and cats contains, Calcium Carbonate, Hydrolyzed Soy Protein, Lactose and Chitosan which provide strength to the pets.



Benefits of Epakitin

  • It comes as an easy to use powder
  • Supports the kidney functions in the pet
  • It tastes great and thus taken easily by the pet
  • Makes the pet feel better and also live longer
  • Saves the pet from the kidney damage
  • Finally it is possible to be given alone, as a combination with other prescribed renal diets or in mixture with the regular pet food


Side Effects

  • No side effects of epaktin have been reported.