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Denamarin for Dogs


Nutramax Denamarin for dogs is design to help protect your dogs liver. Denamarin allow dogs to receive SAMe and silybin in a tasty treat, eliminating the need to "pill" your dog daily. Additionally, the chewable tablets allow for quicker uptake of the SAMe and less variability between dogs when compared to enteric-coated tablets. The combination of S-Adenosylmethionine and silybin in Denamarin provides a multi-faceted approach to liver support. Denamarin is available in three convenient sizes: Denamarin for Cats and Small Dogs, which contains 90 mg of S-Adenosylmethionine and 9 mg of silybin A+B; Denamarin for Medium Dogs, which contains 225 mg of S-Adenosylmethionine with 24 mg of silybin A+B; and Denamarin for Large Dogs, which contains 425 mg of S-Adenosylmethionine and 35 mg of silybin A+B.

Denamarin Liver Support for Dogs & Cats

Liver is the most important organ of the body that needs unique care and nutrition so that it can play its role safely and healthily. The main function of this internal organ is to build up strong metabolism in the body. The several other functions of the liver are glycogen storage, decomposition of red blood cells, plasma protein synthesis, and detoxification. Denamarin can help your pet dogs and cats to live healthy metabolism while give their liver required protection and support.

Bad liver can result in many problems like hepatitis. The dogs and cats are more prone to weak liver syndromes thus Denamarin can help you to support your pet with the diseases that ruin your pet’s health. The chronic disease like Active Hepatitis is often seen in dogs, however the source of disease is not known but it affects strongly on liver. The disease causes the resistance system to produce antibodies, which affect the liver cells, and results in to restrictions of flow of blood in the liver, damaging your liver gradually. Doberman Pinschers, Cocker Spaniels and certain Terriers are inclined due to this disease. Other diseases that can affect the liver are cancer and hepatitis.

What does Nutramax Denamarin do?

Nutramax Denamarin with SAMe is an effective supplement formulated to support healthy liver functions. It constitutes S-Adenosylmethionine SAMe which are proved to be effective to increase level of antioxidants like glutathione and active component Silybin which is found in Milk Thistle extract, an antioxidant that help out in digestion, absorption, cell regeneration and detoxification.

What does SAMe ingredient in the Denamarin do?

As you know, the liver overrides the body toxins so that the ill effect of the bad components in the body is nullified and body is protected from infections and diseases. SAMe in Denamarin supports liver to help in regeneration and detoxification of the blood cells in the body. Although, you should keep in mind, which Denamarin is not the substitute for any disease medicine but it will definitely help to build liver strong so that the other diseases and infections are curtailed. SAMe will help good liver function.

Denamarin for whom?

Denamarin is a specifically formulated for canine/feline diseases that directly affect the liver. Denamarin is produced and it is suitable for large/huge dogs, medium size dogs, and small size dogs and cats. You should keep in mind that Denamarin only helps in growing strong and healthy liver to keep disease away from your loveable pet dogs and cats. You can use Denamarin to give them healthy body; however, you will be expending on this substitute, which are cheaper than huge and filthy vet bills.

How to procure Denamarin?

You can order Denamarin online in the website. Check out our best prices and package that fits your needs. You can also avail offers and prices from the website. Select the package according to the type and weight of the pets, quantity required and add them to cart. Denamarin for dogs and cats will be shipped to your doorstep at the lowest prices online and shipping is included on orders over $39.

Benefits of Denamarin

  • The #1 veterinarian recommended liver support brand.
  • Two actives, one patented formula
  • Denamarin is a supplement for dogs and cats containing S-Adenosylmethionine (SAMe) and silybin
  • Available in sizes for cats & small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs


Denamarin Side Effects

  • There is no serious side effects reported for denamarin

Administration Guide for Dog and Cats regarding Denamarin


For Cats and Small Dogs

Body Weight

# Tablets



Up to 12

Up to 5.5

One tablet


For Medium Dogs

Body Weight

# Tablets



13 to 34

6 to 15.5

One tablet


For Large Dogs

Body Weight

# Tablets



35 to 65

16 to 29.5

One tablet

66 to 120

30 to 54.5

Two tablets

Over 120

Over 54.5

Three tablet