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D.A.P. Collar

D.A.P. Collar

The D.A.P. Collar helps to calm your dog especially when you are away or if you have to leave your dog alone for some point of time. It helps to take edge of feral panic from the reaction of your dog and thereafter return, till the time it does not learn that you would be back in case you are leaving it alone in the house. It would really make your dog relax for the time when you are not there with your dog. Plus, it would also hlp you to get your dog used to the new environment that you have created for it since, you had to shift into another home or in another city.



Appease Your Dog a With a D.A.P. Collar

Dogs are considered to be one of the most social animals on planet earth and therefore sometimes can exhibit destructive behavior because of separation anxiety. Hence, the dog that are affected by separation anxiety show some unwanted kind of attitude that are associated to fear of separation, stress, changes in the environment, like remodeling of house, etc fear due to lightening, thunderstorms and fireworks and due to some temporary changes such as being taken from one place to another or being hospitalized. For this reason, the vets have come up with a great solution like D.A.P. Collar to appease your dogs. It encourages the attributes of natural pheromones like the lactating female.

Benefits of D.A. P. Collar

  • It proves to be a great tool for considerably reducing the fear of your dog
  • It greatly helps in curing the problem of separation anxiety in your dogs
  • Your dog would be in a better position to calm itself, in place of ramping up after making loud noises
  • It is absolutely user-friendly and non-toxic
  • It has no side-effects on your dog and is completely harmless


Side Effects

No side effects have been reported.