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Cosequin Ds

cosequin ds

Cosequin ds is one of the most commonly veterinarian recommended supplement brand that is used for the purpose of maintaining healthy joints in dogs. The nutritional supplement consists of active ingredients such as glucosamine and chondroitin. And besides having a positive impact on the health of the joints of your pet, it also is free of almost all kinds of side effects that generally come along with prescription drugs.

Cosequin is usually found in regular strength capsules. However it can also be bought form various stores in double strength capsules and also as easy to administer chewable tablets.

Keep up Your Dogs Health with Cosequin DS

Dog are important parts of human life. They are man’s best friend and we have to take proper care of them they support us emotionally and understand our problems. If we are upset they are the first one to sense that emotional trauma we are under and give their unconditional support and love to us. It is our job to take care of the dogs as they are just like family members. They need special care and treatment.

To maintain the good health of the dog there are many supplements. Cosequin DS is one such nutritional supplement that maintains the joints of the dogs. With age the joints of dogs become less flexible and it becomes difficult for them to move with agility. This nutritional supplement helps to keep the joint in perfect moving condition.

Cosequin for dogs is the sole glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate supplement that is been known to be effective and safe. It helps the production of cartilage and also at the same time protects existing cartilage from breakdown. The manufacturing of this supplement is just like pharmaceutical industry. It is mostly given for 4 to 6 weeks, many times a few dogs respond earlier than this time. It has to be fed directly to the dog and if the dog is reluctant, then mix it in the food. The tables are chewable and contain substances like Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate, Manganese, and scorbate and combined Glycosaminoglycans

These substances maintain the dog's joint cartilage and also slow down the enzymes that would normally harm the cartilage. It has got double strength as the name in the tablet suggests, so it is meant for large dogs and for small dogs normal Cosequin is enough. It keeps the cartilage healthy and in proper working condition. It is easily absorbed by the dogs. The low molecular weight is in the purest form and it is easily absorbed by the dogs.

The cartilage components are made stronger by the help of this nutritional supplement. The joints of the dogs are in pressure at all times as they running all the time so this nutritional supplement helps to recover some of the joint problems

It has been found out that many vets use Cosequin DS to treat arthritis in dogs, but it should be avoided as it is meant only for large dogs and not for smaller dogs. The improvement in dog may be very fast while at other time sit may be small. It is advised that it is best to give these supplements regularly so that it has full effect. Many times if the supplement is discontinued the condition may reverse back.

Taking care of our dogs should be a priority with us and we should make full effort to do so. It has to be kept in mind that if we take care of our dogs they would serve us better. The dogs are very loyal animals and a little extra care towards their care will take you a long way. If you care for your dog then you would take this extra step to care for it.

Benefits of Cosequin DS

  • The double strength formula Cosequin ds supplement contains in it 500 mg of glucosamine and also 400 mg of chondroitin.
  • No reported side effects
  • It thus comes very highly recommended by all veterinarians.


Side Effects

Your Pet might suffer from diarrhea.