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Comfortis Flea Treatment


Comfortis flea treatment for dogs is a beef-flavored and chewable tablet which is well known for treating and killing fleas and treating flea infection in dog for a period of full one month. It is a FDA approved drug and is not available without a prescription from the veterinarian. It is safe for dogs of over 14 weeks of age.

The active ingredient in comfortis4dogs is Spinosad which kills the fleas as it causes excitation of the nervous system and lead to paralysis and death of the fleas. This drug is sure to keep your dog healthy and free from flea infection. Comfortis is also avaliable in a pill to control the fleas. Buy today to get comfortis coupon, which will give you free shipping on order over $39.


Out pet dogs gets irritated by flea infestations that makes them annoying and in return they act miserably. Comfortis is the chewable tablets that helps in reducing flea infestations and is tasty too. The medicine is workable on dogs of any size. The Comfortis acts fast and effectively to control flea swarms on the dog body. Moreover, the medicine is in chewable form in beef flavor that suits their taste bud.

The medicine is formulated to give your dog instant relief, Comfortis takes around 30 minutes to act and will relieve your dog from itching and irritation. The flea treatment is very effective in the end too. As the Comfortis will affect the flea swarms on the body and will keep the dog free from pest infestations up to a month. Means you will relieve your dog from this itching and help him to enjoy freely.

The good thing about the medicine is that it is chewable and that too in their favorite beef flavor. Thus, your dog will definitely like the taste and will eat it along with his food. This assures you that he will eat the medicine and not throw it away. The medicine starts working along initial application and will stay long on the dog’s body. The flies that lay eggs on the dog’s body will die soon and thus dog will be able to lead active and flea-free life.

Spinosad- ingredient in Comfortis

Comfortis flea pills have very active ingredient Spinosad that is very potent and successfully work on the flea swarms on dog’s body. The ingredient is effective in killing flea and thus stops them to lay eggs on the body. The component will destroy their nervous system and stop their growth that causes irritation and itching. Along with effective in killing fleas, you are assured that ingredient is very safe for your dogs and environment. The ingredient is FDA approved and safe.

Comfortis availability

The medicine is available in the package of six chewable tablets in beef flavors that are appropriate to suit your dog’s taste buds.

However separate dose have to be taken by the dogs that varies according to their weight:
  • Small size dogs weighing between 5-10 pounds have one option and 10.1-20 pounds has another dose option.
  • Medium size weighing 20.1-40 pounds have dose option and another for 40.1-60 pounds
  • Larger dogs weighing between 60.1-120 pounds have other doses


Comfortis flea chewable pills have to be given to dogs along with their meal. However, the medicine is not prescribed for the pets receiving high dose of intestinal parasite medications containing ivermectin. Care should be taken that the medicine suits your health and should be consulted with doctor before you start giving it to your dog. It is only available with the doctor’s prescription.

Benefits of Comfortis

  • Before the fleas lay their eggs they are killed
  • Kills fleas within 30 minutes
  • Its advantages continue for full one month
  • Comes in beef-flavor which induces dog to eat it comfortably
  • Environmental friendly ingredients like Spinosad is used in the drug manufacturing


Comfortis Side Effects

  • Vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Lethargy
  • Cough
  • Vocalization
  • Excessive salivation