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CET HEXtra Premium Chews for Dogs

CET HEXtra Chews

Nothing could be a better treat than the CET HEXtra Premium Chews that are quite effective in reducing the calculus. It has a combination of rawhide and chlorhexidine that is renowned to have antiseptic powers. The CET HEXtra Premium Chews help in reducing tartar and removing the plaque from your dog’s teeth that are the major causes of tooth decay if left untreated. The chews consist of patented ten percent mixture of chlorhexidine gluconate.

CET HEXtra Chews for Dogs

The chlorhexidine inside the chews is penetrated into the dental cavity of your dog while it is chewing and can be released for around twenty four hars. This offers a continuous antimicrobial action. The chews help in keeping the teeth of the dogs clean and shiny. It comes out to be an excellent option for oral hygiene of dogs during those days, when you cannot brush their teeth. It helps in the emission of fresh breath and ensures maximum hygiene of your dog’s teeth. One chew every day needs to be given to your dog as directed by the vet.

The only thing that needs to be remembered here, that your dog has to do enough chewing, so that it can achieve maximum oral hygiene. Make sure that your dog does not swallow the whole chew as doing this would reduce the chew the efficacy of the chew and it would harm the health of your dog as well. Remember that the chews are simply meant to be used for supplemental or intermittent feeding only.

Benefits of CET HEXtra Premium Chews

  • Helps in cleaning the teeth of your dog
  • Maintains oral hygiene specially in those days when you cannot brush your dog’s teeth
  • Reduces tartar
  • Removes plaque
  • Reduces Calculus
  • Helps in keeping the breath of your dog fresh
  • The taste is great to be chewed by your dog.


Side Effects

No side effects have been reported.