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Capstar Flea Control Medication

capstarCapstar is widely used for killing fleas on both cats and dogs. Capstar Flea medication is really effective and starts working within first 30 minutes. In dogs it kills around 90% of fleas on dogs in around 4 hours, whereas on cats it takes around 6 hours. Nitenpyram the chief ingredient is well known insecticide. It is an oral treatment and thus gives effective results. This active ingredient hinders the nerve transmission in fleas.

This drug is available on veterinarian’s prescription and is safe to give this drug to cats and dogs of about 4 weeks or above and weighs 2 pounds.



Benefits of Capstar

  • Kills fleas within just 30 minutes
  • Gives best results when used with program tablets
  • Safe for nursing and pregnant cats or dogs


Side Effects

There are no reported side effects. The pet will scratch after the drug intake as a result of fleas dying on the body.