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azodylAzodyl is a well known and effective nutritional supplement for treating kidney problems in both dogs and cats. The ingredients of the drug are Kibow Biotics, L. acidophilus (KB 27), psyllium husk and B. longum (KB 31). The drug helps in reducing the azotemia, the increased concentration of which mars the kidney’s ability to filter and remove waste. It is an original formulation of beneficial bacteria’s occurring naturally which metabolize and flush out uremic toxins diffused in bowel. Kidney function is supported by this drug as it provides natural enteric dialysis and decelerates uremic buildup of toxins in the blood. This saves the kidney from any further damage. For this drug the veterinarian prescription is not needed.



Benefits of Azodyl

  • Helps in reduction of build-up toxin in the blood
  • Makes sure the kidney functions healthily
  • No known side-effects


Side Effects

There are no recorded side effects for azodyl