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Angels Eyes for dogs

angles eyes for dogs

Angels Eyes is the first ever pet medication which is well known for eliminating unattractive stains of tears from the inside out. Tylosin tartrate and beef liver are two major ingredients of this medicine. This combination affects the chemistry of tears so that no stains are left on the eyes after drying of the tears. It can be safely given to cats of all ages and dogs of over 6 weeks. It is really easy to understand its working. It prevent stains as it tie up the circulating porphyrins. This react with light and produces a stain of reddish-brown color at the conjoin point of lower and upper eyelids, the medial canthus.


Benefits of Angles Eyes

  • Within 3-5 weeks ugly tear stains begin to vanish
  • It is dye and wheat free
  • Cent percent pure beef liver is used


Side Effects

  • Angles eyes does not have any recoreded side effects


It can be added conveniently to pet’s food. In case you don’t want to make changes in pet’s food. Mix the medicine in water. Remember, do not pour water in the powder instead put the powder in the water. It is available in different flavors to choose from as per your pets tastes. Popular flavors being chicken., sweet potato and beef.