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Adequan for Dogs

Adequan for dogs

Adequan Canine was manufactured for treating arthritis in dogs and was also approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the year 1997, for osteoarthritis.

Adequan for Dogs

Adequan for dogs are generally administered with the intra muscular injection which damaged cartilage, binding them and thus blocks the enzymes that ruin the joints. Applying this process it relives the pain in the joints, thus lubricating it and reducing inflammation which helps in more movement. These results can be achieved by the dog in a time span of three to four weeks time from the starting of treatment.


Adequan for Dogs are well available in the drug stores or in online drug shopping portals. These are available in single dose packs and two dose packs with various price ranges. The average price range for the medicine varies from $50 to $110 though as told it depends on the dog that is to be injected. There are websites where price comparison can also be done as there are several sites giving discounts on purchase. A good deal can easily be ensured with a little survey on the internet.

Adequan dosage

Adequan for Dogs is a specialized medicine so it should be administered with proper veteran suggestion. However according to medicine the drug reacts attending the synovial joints within a maximum time of two hours after the animal is injected. The dosage has relation with the dogs weight, though the average is eight dose series with 2 mg per pound of the dog’s weight for continuous four weeks.

What is Osteoarthiritis?

Canine Osteoarthritis is mainly a joint infected disease which results into poor mobility, pain, inflammation, and stiffness in the area. Injuries or muscle strains or poor bone development or may be overweight are the major reason for this health condition.


It is not so prominent in the primary stages however the visible symptoms are limping, inactivity, dullness, difficulty in rising up or sitting down and helplessness to climb or jump. However it is an effective medicine where in clinical trials it has been proved that it cures more than 70 percent of arthritic limbs.

Adequan Benefits

  • The particular medicine is also known DMOAD (Disease Modifying Osteoarthritis Drug)
  • Since it is FDA approved it is found everywhere.
  • It is also POLYSULFATED GLYOSAMINOGLYCAN (PSGAG) drug, which not only heals the pain of the animal but at the same time medicates him to get better.

Adequan Side Effects:

  • Adequan for dogs is quite safe with much lesser side effects reported. The usual reactions to the medicine are soreness at the area, diarrhea, depression vomiting, and anomalous bleeding.
  • It however can be dangerous if other drugs especially blood clotting drugs are taken as it may make the other drugs in effective.
  • The most frequent effect that is persistently visible in every dog in pain in the injection site.
  • The drug should not be used to dogs having sensitivity to the PSGAG or detected with bleeding disorders.
  • Lactating or pregnant dogs should be given cautiously as the reactions to these dogs are not determined yet.